ZACARIAH (or Zac for short) has been titled the R&B Singing Sensation of the Music Industry in the Philippines and Asia. Zac has also been dubbed as the Ne-yo of the Philippines based on his debut music video for his carrier single Suko Na, which was directed by multi-award winning director, Treb Monteras. ZACARIAH won PEOPLES CHOICE BEST NEW MALE RECORDING ARTIST and PEOPLES CHOICE FAVORITE MALE RECORDING ARTIST at the 22nd Awit Awards (Philippine Grammys). Zac was nominated for 6 awards, and was also a FINALIST for BEST NEW MALE RECORDING ARTIST and BEST R&B ARTIST. Zacariah was also an award presenter at the prestigious event. Because of his Awit Award wins, ZACARIAH was featured on many international websites and was as a top headliner and front pager in various local and nationwide newspapers, magazines, and radio TV shows all over Canada. Zacarish relocated to California 3 years ago, and is currently working on some new music.

Zacariahs self-titled debut album is now available online and in record bars and music stores nationwide and is distributed by Able Music International. Zacariahs debut album is composed of 10 R&B tracks: 1 revival (Dahil Mahal Na Mahal Kita) and the rest are original songs. The songs are mostly love songs, with one religious song. Zacariahs self-titled debut album has reached Best Seller Status in various record bars across the country. Zacariahs carrier single Suko Na hit #1 in the Philippines last year. The music video for Suko Na is frequently played on MYX, MTV, and Channel V, and has been on the countdown several times. Zacariah's second single, 'Dahil Mahal Na Mahal Kita' is now playing on the radio (since May 2009) and was also a certified hit and chart-topper (One of the Biggest OPM Songs of 2009 according to Pinoy Songhits Magazines). Zacariah's songs have also been featured and used on various TV Programs on GMA, QTV, Studio 23, and ABS-CBN, and have also played on major radio stations in Canada and Europe.. As of June 2009, Zacariah Ringtones and MP3s are now available on all cellular networks in the Philippines. Zacariah is currently continuing to promote his debut album worldwide through various tours/events/gigs, nationwide mall shows, and media guestings/appearances. Zacariah released his sophomore album 'Supernatural' in April 2012. Zac is continuing to record more tracks for his upcoming 3rd album to be released internationally. Zacariah is well-known all over Canada, U.S.A, Philippines, Asia, and across the internet and YouTube, and has done very well in various local and international singing competitions including Canadian Idol and American Idol. Zac performed at Wowowee Live in Canada on Sept 28, 2008, which was the only Canadian stop for the Wowowee Live Tour. Tracks Zac recorded in Canada and Philippines have also been playing globally on Top Radio TV Stations in Canada and now in EUROPE! Zac has an identical twin brother named Anthony and they are well known worldwide as DA TWINZ for their highly decorated, Best of Show winning modified show car that has been featured in numerous international magazines and multi- media. Zacariah, an academic top-notcher, was on his way to becoming an optometrist, but decided to take a break from school to fulfill his lifelong dream of becoming a recording artist. His dream is now coming true

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Name: Zacariah (or 'Zac' for short)
Birthday: October 8
Education: Doctor of Optometry Student
Conferred Degrees:
Bachelor of Science (Zoology/Biological Sciences), University of Manitoba - May 2006 (Dean's Honor List)

o Zacariah won 2 AWIT AWARDS (2009/2010) and has been nominated for prestigious music awards in the Philippines. Nominations include; Best Male Artist, Best New Male Artist, Best RB Artist, Best Performance by a Duet, Best Ballad, and Best Inspirational/Religious Song, R&B Artist of the Year. Zacariah was nominated for R&B ARTIST OF THE YEAR at the Philippine Hip Hop Awards.
o Zacariahs Carrier/Debut Single Suko Na and 2nd single Dahil Mahal Na Mahal Kita are already certified hits in the Philippines, and are regularly requested by listeners. Suko Na hit the #1 spot in the Philippines after 2 weeks of radio airplay. Suko Na and Dahil Mahal Na Mahal Kita are still currently being played on the Top Philippine FM Radio Stations as well as on Provincial AM Radio Stations and Filipino Radio Stations in Canada with listeners across the globe.
o Suko Na music video is now playing regularly on MYX, MTV, and Channel V (#1 Music Channel in Asia). The music video for Suko Na has been included on countdowns several times.
o Zacariahs self-titled debut album has reached Best Seller Status in the Philippines (2009, 2010, 2011, and recently December 2012 after 'Dahil Mahal Na Mahal Kita' was featured on new TV Drama on ABS-CBN).
o Zacariah and his songs have been featured in various TV shows on multiple Philippine TV networks
o Songs Chris De Guzman ('Zac) recorded in Canada in 2008 2009 have been playing and are continuing to be played on Winnipeg's #1 Hit Music Station, HOT 103 and other major stations in Canada. His English hit, Joyride is being playing all over Canada and now in Europe!
o Zacariah Ringtones (monotone polytone), Truetones, Ringback Tones and Full Track Music are now available for download on all cellular networks in the Philippines (since June 2009).
o Zac will be continuing his nationwide mall tours, TV appearances, radio guestings, and press/media blitz from November 2009 to February 2010, after which he will release a 2nd album locally abroad.
o Zacariah has been invited to perform, host, special guest at various pageants, talent shows, award shows, fiestas, private/corporate functions, radio/TV, etc.
o Zac has been invited back to Japan for another tour in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya in 2010. Zac previously was invited to tour in Japan in April 2009. He will also be kicking off his EUROPEAN TOUR mid-2010
o Zacariah released his sophomore album 'Supernatiural' in April 2012, and will release his 3rd album (International R&B/Pop Music) within the next year.

Music Accolades:
- Nominated for R&B ARTIST OF THE YEAR at the Philippine Hip Hop Awards (2012).
- Winner of PEOPLES CHOICE BEST NEW MALE RECORDING ARTIST FAVORITE MALE ARTIST at 22nd Awit Awards (Philippine Grammys) in 2010 garnering 65% of the total public votes.
- NOMINATED FOR 6 PHILIPPINE GRAMMY (AWIT) AWARDS, and was a FINALIST for BEST NEW MALE and BEST RB ARTIST at the 22nd Awit Awards. Zac was also an award presenter at the awards show
- Released his second album 'Supernatural' in April 2012
- Zac is currently working on his 3rd album to be released internationally.
- Over 300,000 hits (and counting) on YouTube and 175,000 website visits.
- ProjecTube 1st Filipino Web TV Network Our Musika (TV show) Grand Finalist - Feb 08
- Canadian Idol (2008) TV Round (dropped out of competition due to scheduling conflicts with recording of debut album)
- American Idol (2008) Celebrity Judge Round (Top 75 of the 25,000 who auditioned in Philadelphia)
- Canada Revenue Agency Idol Winner - July 2006
- Red River Ex Stars of Tomorrow Contest - Top 15 - June 2005
- Canadian Idol 3 (2005) - Winnipeg Auditions Finalist (Celebrity Judge Round) - March 2005
- Winnipeg Idol (CTV/Q94FM) - Finalist - February 2005
- Winner of school, community, and other local Idol competitions - Various (1990 to Present)

Vocal Training:
- Ryan Cayabyab Music School October 2009 to Present
- Manitoba Conservatory of Music Arts March 2008 to September 2008
- Tauber Music School 2000-2001
- Zacariah has been singing since he was 3 years old (natural / self-taught)

Zacariah's talents/interests/hobbies include: Shopping, Singing/Performing, Musical Theatre, Fashion, Style, Optometry, Cooking/Eating, Watching TV, Photography, Singing, Dancing, Acting, Record Producing, Audio Mixing/Editing, Talent Managing, Car Modifying, Church, Fitness Sports (i.e. Working Out), Website Designing, Technology.

Interesting Facts:
- Both of Zacariah's parents met through singing on a local TV show. His father has won numerous competitions and contests in Canada and the Philippines. His parents singing genes are in his blood.
-From 1994-1997, Zac lived and studied in the Philippines (Nueva Ecija) where he fully learned about his parents' native culture and language (Filipino/Tagalog), which he is very fluent in to this day. With the IQ of a genius, he won over 45 highest standing academic awards and competitive scholarships since high school, and also won special prestigious/distinctive awards.
-Zacariah has an identical twin brother named Anthony, and they are known as DA TWINZ locally and internationally for their yellow 2002 Toyota Celica Turbo show car, which they built themselves since 2003. DA TWINZ and their car have been featured in numerous international magazines, newspapers, websites, Television shows, car shows, etc. They have won over 35 car show awards (mostly Best of Show wins), are supported by 21 corporate sponsors, and have accumulated over 20 international magazine appearances (in USA, Canada, Asia, Europe, UK, and Australia). They have more confirmed magazine features for release.
-Zacariah has been singing all his life; ever since he can remember. From early childhood recordings, to solos in school choirs and plays, singing competitions, and formal events/parties, Zac has never lost his love for music and singing, even while fully submersed in his studies and other extracurricular activities. His lifetime and undying passion for music and singing, as well as his recent accomplishments/developments, have influenced his decision to focus and fully commit his life to a career in the music/entertainment industry. He is a self-proclaimed 'Karaoke Addict. He decided to put a hold on everything else in his life (optometry school, job, cars, girlfriend, etc.) so that he could put all his focus and attention on his music and showbiz career.
-Zacariah has been offered record deals in Canada and Europe, but wants to focus on the Philippine music industry first, then hopefully break into the international and U.S. Record Market. Major songwriters in North America have offered him songs to record.
-Zacariah has recorded many songs with his own studio equipment, which eventually led to his discovery on the internet. He has recorded, mixed, and produced his own songs (and sang both lead and background vocals.)

As you can see, Zacariah is a well-rounded, intelligent, multi-dimensionally talented, and hard-working individual. He hopes one day he will become a superstar across the globe and do what he loves the mostto sing, perform, and dance, while touching people's hearts in the process.